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About Aspherical

Aspherical is an Atlanta, Georgia, photoblog that began on January 3, 2005 in a fit of boredom. New photographs are posted every other day, or every day when enough of them are clogging up my hard drive.

About the URL Shortener

Welcome to the dedicated Aspherical Atlanta Photoblog URL shortener. This site generates shortened URLs for photographs on Aspherical that can be posted on Twitter and other sites with message size limits. The Aspherical URL shortener was graciously coded by fourSEVENfour Media and is hosted on their servers.

About Salvador Diablo

My name is Salvador Diablo and I am the photographer behind Aspherical. No one pays me to photograph, so the purity of artistic experience is unsullied by the evils of commerce.

I enjoyed two semesters worth of photography classes in college. However, I decided it might be nice to eat and have a few ducats left over for camera equipment after graduating from college. So I picked a more lucrative major.

I learned on film and still love it. While digital provides excellent results instantly, film appeals to my difficult nature. Besides, there is no substitute for a perfectly exposed slide or hand made black and white print.

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